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Networking basics I


About This Course

This course is all about how the Internet works. It is aimed at beginners in computer networking and people entering the Internet industry. The course compiles a set of webinars to learn about Ethernet, VLANS, IP, routing and much more.


We only ask you to have a high motivation for learning how Internet works.

Course Staff

Wolfgang Tremmel

Wolfgang Tremmel

Wolfgang is currently head of DE-CIX Academy at DE-CIX.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IX Academy?

IX Academy is a joint venture between DE-CIX, the largest Internet Exchange operator in the world, and the UPF, a top European University. Our aim is to offer training courses to attract multidisciplinary talent to the Internet Exchange arena.

What sort of courses is the IX Academy offering?

IX Academy has been launched recently, in January 2023. Our goal is to make an offer of online courses, combined with face-to-face sessions, unique, using innovative formats that engage professionals from neighboring areas.

The first course is What is an Internet Exchange (IX)?. The IX Academy also has a wide offer of technical courses, such as Networking basics, about different technical aspects of protocols, security and Internet interconnection.